Quiet places evoking peace, beauty and a feeling of mystery are areas I often visit. Appearing
serendipitously, they are found everywhere, making their specific location and time irrelevant. Pausing
to observe the subtleties reveals a wealth of eloquent symbolism.

For me, the development and printing processes lead to the culmination of a conceptualist journey.
The final appearance of a print, more often than the image itself, represents the uniqueness of the expression.
My goal is to breach the indescribable gap between image and heart.

My passion for travel provided the first inspirations for my exploration of photography. A native of Los Angeles, I studied in Norway before moving to Oregon in 1978, where I lived for almost 30 years,

before returning to LA with my husband and our two cats.

A career in the travel business allowed me to explore many foreign countries, where I found inspiration in

out-of-the-way scenes that transcend borders and cultures.

As my work has evolved, it has become more conceptual and expressive in style and less documentary. Glimpses of the sublime, the moment after, a pleasant surprise: these translate for me into quiet pieces of poetry, not in verse form, but through the photographic process.

 - Joanne Fielder  b.1953

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Los Angeles, California USA

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